Our expertise

Established in 2008, Langa has developed with a clear vision and solid foundations:

Développement Exploitation et maintenance Ingénierie Finance Juridique
d’énergies renouvelables

Our sales team identifies projects, establishes a partnership with the owner, local authority or manufacturer, and oversees the complete development process from the feasibility study stage right through to operation. We pride ourselves on our close links with decision makers. Energy projects require lengthy development processes and are built around close cooperation to achieve optimum commissioning outcomes.

Partnership relations

  • Project identification
  • Advice and consulting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Energy Regulatory Authority (CRE) tender bids
  • Energy purchase and sale agreements

Energy transition calls for fresh thinking and innovative financial engineering. Building new production facilities requires the right financial organization. LANGA has built up a wealth of financial engineering expertise appropriate to the challenges and recognized by its many banking partners. Moreover, the Group has the capacity to develop innovative solutions and financing packages to meet the needs of private investors keen to support projects in this area.

Bpifrance Excellence recognition

  • Track record of over seven years
  • Tight control of financial flows
  • Specialized asset management
  • Tailored financial engineering

You are: A banking or investment professional, asset manager or private investor and want to invest in our projects

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With more than 100 facilities up and running, as well as 100 or so in development or under construction, LANGA Group’s strategy is to ensure integrated project development with the involvement of the management teams from the earliest stages. This approach ensures tight control of financial aspects while optimizing cash flow. Financial criteria are not merely part of the operating departments’ objectives, but are fully integrated into each team’s targets.

LANGA Group has formed a team of legal specialists with acknowledged expertise in their field (lawyers and notaries) to oversee each individual project throughout its life cycle. Their involvement extends from securing the property (long-term leases, raising mortgages), obtaining the official permits and authorizations for connections, building and operation, to monitoring complex contractual arrangements for bank financing deals and joint ventures formed to manage construction and output from the plants.

Secure facilities

  • Regulatory
  • Land
  • Urban planning
  • Insurance
  • Construction
  • Potential power
  • Operation
  • Maintenance

At the heart of our business lies the extensive capability of the engineering and design department. Our 10-strong team of professionally-qualified engineers design and optimize facilities to provide end users with a guarantee of the best possible output. Working alone or in partnership with decision makers, the department is responsible for calculating the technical and industrial design basis for the facilities, preparing the business plan and securing the statutory authorizations and permits required to build and operate the plants. The engineering and design department oversees all stages up to delivery of the turnkey project to the power company for operation. A dedicated manager is assigned to each project from the outset, providing overall coordination of all trades and logistics during the construction phase in order to complete the work to schedule and in line with commitments. The site managers are on site on a weekly basis to monitor and oversee progress of work.

Industrial expertise

  • Technical and financial calculations and design basis
  • Design and completion of plants
  • Site coordination and monitoring
  • Delivery and monitoring of facilities

The teams at energy facility maintenance and operation specialists, IGEO, provide preventive and corrective maintenance services as well as site supervision. IGEO is never more than an hour’s drive away and can easily offer a prompt and efficient response year-round, 24/7. Working closely with the grid operator, all aspects of operations and maintenance are covered to maximize production and optimize facilities monitoring. IGEO’s services include: supervision tools, alarm management, scheduling of maintenance and repairs, analysis of energy efficiency, reporting, and administrative management of power plants.

Performance guarantee

  • Site supervision
  • High-performance web platform
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Dedicated technical team available seven days a week
  • Production monitoring
  • Output analysis

No two projects are alike

The organization established by LANGA Group is based on extensive experience in comprehensive project life cycle management.

In operation in 2015 In development for 2016 – 2017
150 photovoltaic plants
2 biomass boiler facilities
100 MWc of electrical power production
10 MW of thermal energy

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35M€de fonds propres


8 IGEO branches throughout France for operations and maintenance: Brest, Rennes, Toulouse, Aix en Provence, Bastia, Lyon, Clermont Ferrand and Paris
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