Our corporate philosophy

At the dawn of the 21th century our energy system is undergoing fundamental change.

The convergence of renewable energy systems and communication technologies opens up the possibility of decentralized energy production, by placing the needs of the individual and the region at the core of a new organization.

The impact of fossil fuels on global warming and the growing scarcity of resources call for the emergence of a new approach to the energy systems of the future.

Based on these two imperatives, LANGA Group is daily engaged in developing renewable energy to help shape a new paradigm, underpinned by a genuine policy of sustainable development at regional level.

Rather than opposing forces, we see the environment and the economy as complementary. In our model, economic development and environmental protection come together to develop competitive renewable energy for the future.

LANGA Group strategy is:
• To establish and sustain recurring growth from photovoltaic and wind energy development.
• To promote and control regional development in the area of biomass and biogas.
• To strengthen Langa’s expertise and increase its lead in energy storage and technology transfer.
• In the international arena, to develop mid-sized PV and wind energy projects with integrated storage solutions, drawing on local expertise.

Les 3 fondateurs

Gilles Lebreux

Founder and Chairman of Langa

Parcours de Gilles Lebreux :

A graduate in economics and management with a Masters in logistics, Gilles Lebreux began his career in 1988 in the transport company, France Distribution Système, a Bolloré Group subsidiary. He went on to join CASINO Group and was appointed Head of Logistics in 1989. In 1996, CASINO appointed him Chairman of Easydis, the Group’s order preparation, delivery and logistics subsidiary serving its main supermarkets in France. Easydis reports annual revenue of €550 million and employs 3,600 people.

Guy Canu

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Langa

Parcours de Guy Canu :

Guy Canu is an engineering graduate from INSA. He began his career at Central Sanit in Rennes, before going on to establish his own heating and air conditioning business in 1979. He has since created almost a dozen businesses. He has been Chairman of the Neworld Energies network since 2007. Former President of the Rennes Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2005-2010), Guy Canu was appointed President of Bretagne Développement Innovation (BDI) in 2012, the right hand of the Brittany Regional Council in its drive to develop innovation and the regional economy. Brittany’s regional development and innovation agency (BDI) works to create major hubs (automotive, nautical, digital, etc.), develop enterprise innovation and manage strategy to develop the region’s attractiveness.

Daniel Jeulin

Founder and Deputy CEO of Langa

Parcours de Daniel Jeulin :

The pillar of LANGA’s historic development and a truly self-taught man, Daniel Jeulin first of all founded Repro Conseil in 1979. Specializing in reprographics, the firm has annual pre-tax revenues in excess of €33 million and employs 170 people. The company was acquired by the Japanese company Konica Minolta France in June 2014.
1986 saw Daniel Jeulin form the real-estate company, Groupe Jeulin Immobilier. With €30 million in pre-tax revenues, the firm specializes in commercial and residential real estate and retail park development (CAP MALO) in the north of Rennes. It also operates in the hotel sector and its portfolio includes the Oceania brand.

A Stade Rennais partner, this keen sportsman has organized the Marathon Vert every year since 2011. Supported by 80 business and institutional partners, the marathon is held in aid of Ethiopian-based charities and is organized around the theme of sustainable development.

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